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logo_amtrak.gif (3446 bytes)   Amtrak/Passenger
  Photo Gallery
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There are currently 10 photos in this gallery

06210122t.jpg (6325 bytes) Date:  June 21, 2001

Location:  Bakersfield Amtrak depot

Another Surfliner painted F40 heads a waiting San Joaquin trainset at Bakersfield.

04050111t.jpg (8289 bytes) Date:  April 5, 2001

Location:  Downtown Bakersfield

The new pedestrian bridge behind the Centennial Garden Arena is the vantage point for this shot of an outbound San Joaquin, shown just after pulling out of the trackage of the Bakersfield Amtrak depot.  Today's power is an old veteran wearing a new suit:  An F40PH freshly painted in the Pacific Surfliner scheme used on the San Luis Obispo-Santa Barbara-Los Angeles-San Diego route trains.

03050106t.jpg (6041 bytes) Date:  March 5, 2001

Location:  Downtown Bakersfield

Snow capped Breckenridge Mountain forms the backdrop over an outbound train that has just left the Amtrak Depot.  For those unfamiliar with the Bakersfield area, it is a rare day when the air is clear enough to allow such a crisp view of the mountains.  A late winter storm is responsible for this unusually clear day.

02220107t.jpg (6831 bytes) Date:  Feb. 22, 2001

Location:  Downtown Bakersfield

The opening of the new Amtrak depot in Bakersfield required the upgrading of about a mile of track between the old depot site and the new one.  Here, an inbound train rolls behind the Kern County Administrative Center along trackage that only saw freight traffic before July 2000.

10260005t.jpg (6186 bytes) Date:  Oct. 26, 2000

Location:  Bakersfield Amtrak Depot

An Amtrak San Joaquin waits for passengers to board its cars before departing Bakersfield for points North.

07040001t.jpg (7864 bytes) Date:  July 4, 2000

Location:  New Bakersfield Amtrak Depot

The occasion is the Grand Opening of the new Amtrak Depot, and the first inbound San Joaquin has just broken the ceremonial banner officially opening the facility.

06159912t.jpg (5570 bytes) Date:  June 15, 1999

Location:  near Fresno, CA

A perfectly matched Amtrak California trainset is being used on this Bakersfield-bound train.  Although the new California Cars are the standard equipment, the power is often painted in colors that do not match the lines of the cars themselves.

10008766t.jpg (6114 bytes) Date:  October 1987

Location:  Truxtun Extension overcrossing, West of the Santa Fe Bakersfield Yard

An outbound San Joaquin accelerates out of the Bakersfield Yard.  This location is now double tracked, and a second overcrossing bridge has been added to carry the new track over the Truxtun Ave. Extension below.

04228704t.jpg (6384 bytes) Date:  April 22, 1987

Location:  near Tunnel #2, between Caliente and Bealville

Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific and Amtrak power leads an Operation Lifesaver special over Tehachapi Pass.

10098604t.jpg (5933 bytes) Date:  Oct. 9, 1986

Location:  Bakersfield Amtrak Depot, F Street

An Amtrak San Joaquin has just arrived at the Amtrak Depot in Bakersfield, with a typical period consist of an F40PH and Amfleet cars.