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'20s,'30s and Beyond Model Railroad

Replicating the Golden Age of Railroading

Yard and transition modules

Owned by the club, the transition modules allow trains connect the two main line tracks and the yard. Chuck Mogk, Dale Mogk and Mel Johnson designed and built the controls and structure of the club's yard throat and yard. These items are electrically interlocked so trains can travel between the two mainlines and the yard safely. Others helping with the construction include George King and Fred Park.

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Rich De Rosa often sets up a traffic jam on one of the transition modules.

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On the transition modules, the mainline tracks curve from the left to the top of the photo. The yard is at the right, connected to the main tracks by a variety of tracks and switches.

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A freight snakes around the mainline on one of the transition modules.

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Mel Johnson "works" the yard setting up a train.

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The yard is made up of two six-foot long modules similar to one shown above.

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Mel built this "armstrong" manual turntable at the far end of the yard. Its sole use is to turn equipment 180 degrees so the two-conductor knife switch acts as a positive alignment lock while making electrical contact. The switch has to be "open" in order to rotate the turntable so that means that without electricity a loco can't accidentally run.

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