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'20s,'30s and Beyond Model Railroad

Replicating the Golden Age of Railroading

Charley Hepperle's module

Las Palmas is the name of Charley's ficiticious Los Angeles suburb set in the autumn of 1939. Actual buildings in California were photographed and measured for scratchbuilt structures depicting a lima bean seed plant, diner, warehouses and a Gilmore gas station. A Pacific Electric Hollywood car operates on street trackage down the boulevard. Animated features include a man and cart, smoke from under the hood of a stalled car and a rotating roof-top cyclone vent.

Charley has also adopted the club's city corner and writes the Steamblog about building an HO 1939 Santa Fe California Limited train.

He also posts on the 1939 Southern California blog that shows items of local interest as well as national and international topics that affected the area. There is more to model railroading than trains — models can depict popular culture, architecture, motor vehicles, billboards, and many other things that "set" the time and place.

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