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Welcome to the ZMT which is a shortline based on the MKT. The ZMT connects the Santa FE and BN in the towns of Zane and Makayla. It services several industries served by team track and dedicated spurs. The MKT has a new $500,000 intermodal yard which can service both containes and trailers. They currently have 2 SW1500s, one of which has been rebuilt with a U25 cab after a rock slide at Bobpant's tunnel, a GP9 with a weak diesel which will soon be replaced with an F7 diesel engine, an ex SantaFe F7b (powered), an RS3 which doesn't run and is used as a slug, and a GP38 purchased from BN. They are currently waiting for a CF-7 to be delivered and repainted. The roster also includes 3 F-7a which are being used for spare parts. We recently got a brass FT shell which was repowered with an Athearns' chassis and painted black. It will be used for display and Railfan Rides. Enough pretend history. Also see the proto link for real photos of real rail equipment.

Updated 8/18/2003... Added pictures of an unknown object (UFO) I spotted in the sky 8/14/2003. CLICK HERE to see them. Also added 1958 ATSF signal rules as Acrobat file. Added hopper pictures to PROTO pages. I will be getting a new 2.3Mpixel digital camera next week. Hope for more and better pictures of my layout and more proto pictures. I also am photo documenting the building of a mushroom or lollypop water tower in Mount Vernon, MO. Ever wonder how they build them?
Updated 8/20/2003... Got new digital camera and it's great. Added about 20 layout picture pages.
Updated 8/26/2003... Added How to Make Cheap Trees web pages.
Updated 8/29/2003... Added a Frisco Button and Frisco Equipment pictures along with An Overview of Car Airbrake System from a MNA timetable that shows a typical airbrake system that may be useful in modeling. Also added a MOPAC Caboose Pictures . Added Illinois Central Gulf Signal PDF which is a more comprehensive signal guide. (1.9MB)... Added Track Sign Meanings from the MNA handbook PDF.
UPDATED 3/22/2004... Added History of the Mallet from 12/1962 Popular Science scan.
UPDATED 4/19/2004... Added How-to make easy LED pole lamps pages.

model pics proto pics frisco pics