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Mining in West Wisconsin

2016-02-10 - Paul Almquist

I have been reading a book about the Omaha railroad by Stan Mailer. Most of the book deals with their activities in Wisconsin. Yesterday I read a section about the Spring Valley - St Croix County area which mentioned iron mining around there. In fact so much was done that an ore smelter was moved from Black River Falls to Spring Valley. This caused much growth in Spring Valley so that new housing was needed for the many people that worked at the smelter. Of course the Omaha has a branch line into Spring Valley.

This intrigued me so I googled the subject and found a web page written by Arnie Hoffman that tells about mining in West Wisconsin. The was also gold, silver, and even reports of diamonds. Read about it yourself here:
Mining in West Wisconsin

So now you may want to add some kind of mining operations to your layout.