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West Wisconsin Railroad Club - Eau Claire, WI

Club Membership

You are welcome to visit a meeting and talk with current members. If you wish to join the Club to enjoy all of the rights and privileges of the membership you need to see the membership secretary for an application form or download it below.

Two levels of membership are available, Basic and Full. The following table identifies the respective member privileges:

Member Privilege
May attend monthly meetings Y Y
May attend annual the Club's picnic Y Y
May attend annual the Club's banquet Y Y
May attend train shows as a Club member Y Y
May work on and operate the Club's portable layouts Y Y
May participate in the establishment of Club Bylaws and Amendments N Y
May serve on any committee formed for any Club purpose N Y
Will receive a key to the Club house allowing access at any time N Y
May run for and hold office N Y
May vote on any and all Club business N Y
May participate in development and maintenance of permanent layout N Y
May operate on the permanent Club layout N Y
Must participate in some supportive capacity of the annual train showN Y

Membership Dues

Basic Membership$30/year
Full Membership$250/year
Multi-year payments are accepted
Dues are payable in January
Full membership dues may be paid quarterly

Membership Application Form

If you have an old one please discard it.
Download and print the one here.
   Membership Application Form   

Top 10 Reasons for Joining the West Wisconsin Railroad Club

10 - Special Interest Groups
 9 - Railroad Photography
 8 - Annual Club Picnic and Annual Holiday Dinner
 7 - Help with Layout Design and Benchwork Construction
 6 - Participate in Area Train Shows (Including Phoenix Park’s Steamin’ By the Water!)
 5 - Modeling Clinics
 4 - Our Own Train Show
 3 - Three Club-Owned Layouts
 2 - Field Trips
 1 - Fun and Fellowship