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WSOR Models

WSOR Models

WSOR gondolas.
[Cars Manufactured by Walthers.  Decals by Oddballs.  Gondolas assembled and painted by Al Potts, MMR.  WC boxcars by the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society]

WSOR 1848, 3501 and 6661 pull a 60 car train on the Madison Area HO-Track.
[1848 modeled by Tom Fleury.  3501 is an Athearn model custom painted for the WSOR Company Store and super-detailed by Andrew R. Potts.  6661 is an Athearn model painted by Al Potts.]

A pair of WSOR ballast hoppers sit at Rock Springs.
[Rock Springs module built by Ken Riegle.  Ballast Hoppers built by Al Potts)

WSOR 501210 sits on a siding.
[Model is a modified Walthers kit.  Custom printed decals]

The conductor on 6661 stops to talk with a section foreman before proceeding with a mixed freight.