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WSOR 4494

WSOR 4494

Model Build Date Builder's Number Prime Mover Horsepower
GP9M 7/59 25321 16-567C 1750

Unit History:

4494 in Fitchburg at the end of the Central Soya Spur.  The crew was busy buying coffee and doughnuts at a nearby convenience store before they headed back to the Johnson Street Yard (5/00).

4494, 2001, 6547, and 4493 back the HOK just outside of Ripon (8/31/00).

4494 and 911 switch the UW heating plant.  Note the bumper sticker on the nose of 4494 that reminds us that in, "Wisconsin, You're Among Friends."  (1/10/01)

4494 and 6661 pull a load of coal to the UW heating plant. (1/13/01)