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Orchard Park Depot 2018

January - February 2018
by Robert Snyder - Depot Chairman

         On Monday February 26th  "Lehigh Construction Group"  visited the depot for another look and to do some measuring. Lehigh, of Orchard Park, is another one of the three companies bidding on the depot reconstruction work. Subcontractors Larry and Brenden, from Elbers Landscape Company, looked at plans of the depot and then did some measuring. Subcontractor Todd Fretzer of Timberline LLC, a hardscape company (platform bricks specialist), checked out the track side platform and some of the 45,000 bricks while Marty Knauss from Lehigh, the project manager, coordinated the work.

         Final estimates on the total cost of the project are due before our grant applications can be completed. The Orchard Park Depot Committee expects those numbers to be available by the beginning of March. Once the project estimates are in a contractor will be selected and then the work can begin. We do not know how much time our project will take and whether it will affect events at the depot but whatever the case we intend to do business as usual. If you would like to help in this reconstruction process, please send checks to the WNYRHS, noting that the money is intended for the OP Depot Reconstruction Fund.

In addition to the time-consuming work involved in our rebuilding project we are starting the ground work for our second annual "Touch a Truck" fund raiser. Based on the success of last year's event we have begun the process of updating our invitational letter to truck companies and will soon be putting that letter in the mail.

Another project this coming warm season will be the BR&P caboose. Old #283 needs its roof completed. It also needs painting inside and out. A second coat of red paint will be applied to the two rebuilt sides of the caboose and a fresh up painting of the interior will also be done. Anyone interested in helping with any of our projects this year should contact us at 716-662-7002. Please leave us a message by speaking slowly and clearly on the answering machine.

At the very least, come out this summer and see the Society's railroad station where several parts of the motion picture "Marshall" was made.

March - April 2018
by Robert Snyder - Depot Chairman

Our major item of importance at the Orchard Park Depot is the reconstruction project. The past two months have been filled with plenty of meetings concerning that project. Besides discussing the project among ourselves we have been talking with three contractors and also the major fundraiser/donor Fran Hogancamp. We have had many questions concerning the rebuilding around the outside of the depot and how each contractor is intending to do the work.

          It may seem like a small project to some but to those of us who have spent so many years taking care of this historic landmark this is a big project. The cost alone is over a quarter million dollars. By the time our next newsletter comes out I fully expect to be able to give a work progress up date with pictures. It is our intention to fully honor all of the donors publicly in the local Bee newspaper and also with something at the station when the work is complete.
         On Saturday April 7th Kasey from the Orchard Park Library held another successful "Story Hour". The ladies waiting room was filled with preschoolers and their parents for sixty minutes of story telling activities.

In other news Dave Mallory has taken on the task of refinishing one of the benches in the ladies waiting room and dressing up the two windows above that bench. He spent several weeks taking off what's left of the old finish and anything else that makes the bench look bad. Dave did a lot of sanding and cleaning before giving the bench a good stain to bring it back to its original condition. Our master wood worker, Gary Ludwig, was there to lend assistance.

         Alex Trank also got into the project by helping Dave when necessary. Next up will be appling two coats of clear polyurethane finish.

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