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Will's RR Projects

Will's Railroad Projects

Welcome to my projects page. This is my personal version of "what's on the bench" from the livesteamers list. At this point, I haven't put much together so if you have a project that you are willing to post, I'll put a link here. I've been focusing on track construction at the BCSME for the last four years and now am beginning to focus on some of my own projects in the coming year.

Will Jordan

Side Dump Ballast Car Early Drawing Board 2-axle, archbar frame, this is what did dump truck duty on construction projects before there were dump trucks.
ca. 1900 Steam Shovel Conceptual Design It looks like a boxcar with a boom at one end, but it's designed like its siblings who dug the Panama Canal.
0-C-0 Box Cab Aquiring Parts I found a 24v. electric motor at the club auction, so had to design a locomotive to use it.
Worthington Duplex Pumps Partially Finished Some time ago, after acquiring my lathe, I was given a box that contained the plans and the castings, partially machined, of 2 model Worthington duplex pumps. I used the full sized ones at a RR museum where I operated equipment, so this looked like a good beginning project for me.
2-6-2T Woods Loco Dreaming (1920's, Baldwin?, Oil Fired) With 44" drivers and a full saddle tank, the protoypte of this engine was so quick that an engineer had a standing bet that a brakeman who stepped off the front footboard at a full stop couldn't get back on the rear footboard as the locomotive accellerated.

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