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In an email to the Livesteamer' list, Keith Bradley wrote:
Hi all
Just thinking about people who like to see the faces of the people behind the email names, would anyone object to putting up a webpage (like Ron Stewart's email list) but with a thumbnail size picture of the owner ?
Just a thought !
Keith Bradley
Builder of a LNER V2 for the New Millenium

Here it is, Keith!

Will Jordan

To submit a photo (max width 320, max height 320) emailit to me at

Kathy and Arno Martens
The engine is a Britannia 3-1/2" chassis with a narrow boiler built to a LMS outline.


Art Barter & son Thomas.
Shay men from Southern California.


Charlie Lear
and his Springbok


Chuck Hackett
And his UP 844
on VIME transfer table


Clark Lord
Las Vegas NV, with his Ga 1 Mogul during the 2001 Diamondhead steamup.


Dennis Dalla-Vincensa


Dick Morris
his Railroad Supply Corporation CP-173, and a Howe truss bridge that he built. All at the Alaska Live Steamers track in Wasilla, Alaska.


George Potter


Gerry Stuteville
and new EIT Thomas Henry Stuteville.

Harry Wade
First running of a Ga1 Pannier


Jan-Eric Nystrom


Jan-Eric Nystrom

Jim Buchanan
and his totally scratch built Climax. All castings are aluminum made from his own patterns.

John Stewart
and youngest daughter, Gillian.


Mike Boucher
Waltham MA


Michael Guy

Pete Jarman
Riseley, North of Bedford, England

Peter Newcomb


Russell Dunn


Steve Zuiderveen (on left)
with Paul Seyfrit at CALS in Baltimore. Steve's CliShay, built by Doug Wilkinson

Whit Ames
with Chuck Hackett disappearing into the firebox
of Chuck's 844


Jim Hoback
With the cylinders for his porter on the mill table

William Jordan
On the VIME steam-powered rocking chair

???Your picture here!

To submit a photo (max width 320, max height 320) email it to me at



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