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Westminster Station 2003

Westminster Station

Version 2003 ( Out my back door )

Mile 5.47 Talbot Sub, Westminster Siding

On a good day CN will have 2-3 trains to St.Thomas and back to London , NS will have about 2 each way # 328 to Buffalo & # 327 back

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Mile 5.47 Talbot Sub.

Birds eye view of where I spend my days, surrounded by tracks ,the Talbot Sub. runs along the east side of the building ( right side ) sidings to the north old Northern Telecom , Commonwealth Plywood ,to the east of the main line is the old Green Giant siding and two more to Casco Company.

Waiting Southbound , CNR tri-levels headed to Ford Motor Talbotville
CNR heads south with more auto racks , Westminster Siding is gone as you can see in the foreground , lack of railcar business , intermodal is the future .
CP units on lease to NS , heading north into London
CSX unit heads a southbound mixed freight past mile 5.47 Talbot Sub
Southbound in my face
Early morning power move
Twin UP's leased to NS head north on the Talbot Sub

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