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Westminster Station 2003

Westminster Station 2003

St.Thomas Ontario ( The Railway Capital of Canada )

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CNR 5700 on display at the Elgin Railway Museum; just one of many interesting pieces in their large collection.
Former St.Thomas Station on left . Plans are to restore and convert it into a hotel and restaurent. In the distance, the Elgin Railway Musuem based in the old Michigan Central Railway shops building.
It is the original 1872 Canada Southern locomotive shops. They later became the car shops when the new locomotive shop (the building the museum is now in) was built in 1913. It was located just the other side of the transfer table. Half of it burned about 7 years ago. The other half was torn down maybe 3 years ago.(thanks to Rob Sterne for the info)
Former BX tower. From here, trains were dispatched throughout the yard.
This tressel is still used for traffic to the Ford Motor Plant at Talbotville.
After dropping their frieght ,the motive power returns to the yard in St.Thomas
part of Tom Paynes collection

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