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Milwaukee Road Bandits


Soo Lines Bandits


This week’s pictures are all former Milwaukee Road Units.  These units are commonly called bandits due to the black patches that Soo Line painted on the sides of the units.

























Here is a VERY long lineup of former Milwaukee Road GP40s at Shoreham.  Picture by David Hildebrandt, 1994.

























Here is another picture of a former Milwaukee Road GP40.  I later got my first cab ride in this unit and also got a look in Shoreham shops.  Photo by David Hildebrandt, 1994.



 This was the only picture my dad got of a bandit in Shoreham shops.  This is one of the three Milwaukee Road SD10s that the Soo Line kept in service.  Shortly after this picture was taken, the unit was repainted into CPR colors.  Photo by David Hildebrandt, 1994.


















More to come next time!


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