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SOO Line power leads an empty unit sulphur train holding the siding at Afton. The train will pause here to wait on a meet with Amtrak #50. September 1997.
81K JPEG image.

NS 341 regains the double track at Applegate. February 1998.
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A CSX mixed freight temporarily bisects the town of Ashland on the RF&P Sub.Photo by Peter Furnee.
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Balcony Falls
Q303 at the coaling tower and depot at Balcony Falls, on the CSXT James River Subdivision. C30-7 #7074 leads the train. Photo by Vic Stone, November, 1996.
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H757 with GP-38 #2119 in Chessie system paint, October 1996.
62K JPEG image.

CSX Mountain local (H741) wb at Brand siding. Lead unit is a former Chessie HATX leaser. April 1996.
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The thrice weekly train of the Buckingham Branch crosses the James River Bridge at Bremo.
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N&W 611 approaches the diamonds in Charlottesville on an Alexandria to Lynchburg excursion run, 1993.
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View of the remnants of CSX yard in Charlottesville. Picture taken during short-lived Virginia Central steam service, October 1993. Amtrak #50 is passing through.
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NS 341, the Alexandria to Linwood Yard manifest led by run-through CP SD40-2 #5698, crosses the CSX diamonds in Charlottesville.
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Amtrak #51, the Cardinal, resumes its westward journey after a stop in Charlottesville, June 1996.
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Amtrak #20, the Crescent, crosses the C&O diamonds, preparing to stop in Charlottesville. Summer 1996.
63K JPEG, photo by Victor F. Stone, Jr.

C30-7 #7092 leads a westbound empty train past the University of Virginia Medical Center and the site of the 10th St. underpass construction. January 1997

Amtrak #20, the Crescent, deadheading without passengers and running five hours late in the wake of Hurricane Fran. P40 #818 on the point. JC Cabin, Charlottesville. Sept. 7, 1996.

CP SD40-2 5656 leads NS 342 across the CSX diamonds on #2 track. Note shoofly in background. August 1997.

NS 213, led by a Conrail SD40-2, passes the American Orient Express. The latter train is waiting while its passengers tour Monticello. April 1996.

CSX empty coal train, headed by CW40-8 #7700, accelerates approaching the NS diamonds in Charlottesville. August 1996.
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NS 213 brings a full COFC/TOFC load underneath the Main Street bridge. October 1996.
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NS 213, led by Conrail 6181, glides past the site of the 10th Street underpass. Workmen are installing the shoofly trackage in the foreground. March 1997.
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An NS mixed freight navigates the shoofly trackage necessitated by the construction of the bridge over the 10th Street overpass.
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The CSX local waits in the Middle Depot Track at the Amtrak station. A westbound train has the signal on the main. Photo by Garland Harper
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The passage of Amtrak #51 marks the first Amtrak run over the new bridge at 10th St. Spring 1998.
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The CSX Doswell local approaches the east end of Charlottesville Yard, passing the signals at Carlton Rd. Monticello lies on the hilltop in the background.
70K JPEG image.

Amtrak train #51, the westbound Cardinal, travels over the newly opened bridge over the 10th St. overpass. Spring 1998.
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CSX Mountain SD local crosses the 10th Street bridge. Spring 1998.
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CSX maintenance-of-way pumpkin GP38 #9654 works the yard in Charlottesville. 300-ton Fairbanks Morse coaling tower in the background. March 1997.
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