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Texas Eagle 09/11/01

Amtrak 21, the westbound Texas Eagle, reportedly collided with a 
Union Pacific freight train. The crash is said to be in the area 
of MP71 between Marshall and Longview, TX. Both Amtrak units and a baggage car are reported overturned. 
There are reports of injuries requiring hospitalization. 

Last report on Train 21 was a 936am departure out of Marshall, 
1h36m late.


Reports from a UP source say that Amtrak 21 rear-ended a UP freight which was 
fouling the main track at about 930am Central Time, Sept. 11 (about the same 
time the World Trade Center towers collapsed). 

About half the consist is derailed, with major damage to the engines and 
baggage car, which have overturned. The next three cars, a Transition Sleeper, 
Sleeping Car and Diner, are derailed also. Injuries among passengers are 
relatively minor, and the injured are expected to be released soon.


Consist of derailed Texas Eagle in Texas
163 P42DC, derailed, turned on side 
151 P42DC, derailed, turned on side 
1176 baggage car, derailed, turned on side 
39044 Transition Sleeper, derailed upright 
32011 Sleeping Car, derailed upright 
38059 Dining Car, derailed upright 
33023 Lounge Car, not derailed 
31545 Coach/Smoker, not derailed 
34047 Coach, not derailed 

About five Mail/Express cars, not derailed.