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The following excerpt if from "Ride the Red Cars - The Pacific Electric Story."

Whittier Line:

Passenger service to Whittier began November 7, 1903 and was discontinued south of Walker on January 22, 1938, and over the remainder of the line on March 6, 1938.
Route: The line followed the one to Long Beach to Slauson Junction, where it turned east in a private right-of-way dividing Randolph Street in Huntington Park. After leaving Randolph Street at Greenwood Avenue in Downey, the private right-of-way continued in a south-easterly direction to Los Nietos, where shortly after crossing Norwalk Boulevard, it turned northward. The right-of-way was approximately midway between Gretna and Lynalan Avenues from approximately Mines Boulevard to Whittier Boulevard. The tracks then turned onto Whittier, continuing to Philadelphia Avenue, and went down Philadelphia to the Southern Pacific-Pacific Electric station at Comstock Avenue. The tracks continued one block eastward to Greenleaf Avenue.

Slauson Junction 4.27 Huntington Park 5.42 Maywood Avenue 6.73 Bell 7.19 Baker 7.66 Laguna 10.07 Rio Hondo 11.40 Rivera 12.39 Los Nietos 14.50 State School 16.68 Whittier 17.35

FREQUENCY OF SERVICE: 1911: every 15 to 60 minutes(33 outbound and 31 inbound trips daily)
1935: 1 round trip daily

RUNNING TIME:1911 - 16 minutes to Huntinton Park, 31 minutes to Rivera, 35 minutes to Los Nietos, and 47 minutes to Whittier.

Here is a partial areial of the Whittier Branch after is split off northward. Click on THIS LINK first. Now click on THIS LINK next. You can now see the line. It first crosses Slauson Ave runs on what is now Chetle Ave. Some track remains near this spot going all the way behind where there Sundown Drive-In Theater (now a Home Depot Store) used to stand. The line then crossed Lambert then immediately turned left and crossed Washington Blvd heading across where the Whittier Presbyterian Hospital is currently located. (The rest of this description is not visible in the aerials) The ROW is still visible today behind Nelles School (State School). The line headed up towards Philadelpha where the SP depot once stood.

Here is a picture of the former Whittier SP Depot in April 2000 just before it was moved to Greenleaf Ave to serve as a transit station for the city of Whittier:

The depot had been stored on blocks on the site where UP's depot once stood. I belive that station had long been destroyed by fire. The tracks in the background to the right were UP's Whittier Branch, also now abandoned, and removed.