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Texas Eagle Wreck 07/29/01 All information from Gene Poon via

Consist of Amtrak 21(28) which derailed in southeastern Missouri early on Sunday July29: 

131 P42DC derailed 
76 P42DC derailed 
Bombardier 184 derailed (deadhead commuter car) 
1176 Baggage derailed 
39027 Transition sleeper derailed 
32019 Sleeping Car derailed 
38057 Diner derailed 
33015 Lounge derailed 
31545 Coach Smoker derailed 
34075 Coach 
34080 Coach 
One Express Boxcar and 9 Roadrailers (3 Mail, 6 Express).
More information:
from Amtrak report: 

"...approximately 2:04 am CT train 21(28) operating with E/131-76 and 19 cars 
derailed at MP 104.45, Annapolis, MO, in Iron Hill County on the UP DeSoto 
Subdivision, 104 miles south of St. Louis. Engines 131-76 and the 3 lead cars, PC184 
(the Bombardier coach enroute to Metrolink in LAX), 1167 and 39027, derailed upright 
in a ditch filled with water. Cars 32019, 38057, 33015 and 31545 were derailed upright. 
The rear twelve cars did not derail. Both locomotives had ruptured fuel tanks but the 
fuel was contained within a confined area of the ditch. Authorized track speed is 
55 MPH. The train was operating at 45 mph in accordance with the previous signal, 
which displayed an Approach aspect because the next signal's aspect was 
Stop Signal because the high-water detector at MP 105.3 had been actuated. 
Train 21(28) encountered a washout at MP 104.45, 90 feet long by 3 feet deep, 
and a second washout 85 feet past the first one, the second washout being 85 
feet long by 3 feet deep. At the time of the derailment there were 181 guests, 
4 T&E crew members and 8 OBS employees on the train." 

UPDATE as of Monday morning: 

All derailed equipment has been re-railed. Underailed cars 
have already been taken back to STL. 

The Transition/Dorm and the Sleeping car have damage 
estimated at $350,000 and $200,000. There is an estimated 
$750,000 damage to the brand-new lead unit AMTK 131, and 
$850,000 to the second unit, AMTK 76. The most heavily 
damaged car is the brand new commuter coach deadheading to 
Southern California, the Bombardier much damage, 
per estimates, as to the AMTK 76. 

The derailed diner, lounge and Coach-Smoker have damage at 
under $50,000.