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Sunset Limited 10/09/95
The Sunset Limited train #1 derailed on 10/09/95 at 1:30am in the middle of the desert on what is now the 
seldom used Phoenix Line of track. The tracks had been sabotaged by removing a
section of track but keeping the circuit connected by wires. This derailment has never
been solved. One Amtrak employee died.

Consist (source: Flimsies issue #197 11/17/95):
511 Locomotive P32
xxx Locomotive F40
1208 Baggage
39925 Dorm (ex-ATSF Hi-Level) - Scrapped
32061 Sleeper - Scrapped
32004 Sleeper - Scrapped
38026 Diner
33030 Sightseer Lounge
34077 Coach
39956 Coach (ex-ATSF Hi-Level)
31033 Coach/Baggage
34022 Coach
31019 Coach/Baggage (Texas Eagle Section)
32013 Sleeper (Texas Eagle Section)
The two locomotives and baggage car remained upright but the dorm and two sleepers went on their side. The diner is upright but went into the dry creek: