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Suggested Reading

Ulster & Delaware Railroad
"The Only All Rail Route Through the Catskills"

Suggested Reading

The Ulster and Delaware ... Railroad Through the Catskills by Gerald M. Best. Published 1972.

This text is the number one source of information for the Ulster and Delaware Railroad. Written by famed railroad historian Gerald Best, it chronicles the U&D from the days of the Catskills before the railroad to the years just before Conrail closed the Catskill Mountain Branch. It also contains chapters on the Delaware and Northern Railroad and the Catskill Mountain System. A must read for any Catskill Railroad fan!

The Old "Up and Down": Catskill Mountain Branch of the New York Central by John M. Ham and Robert K. Bucenec. Published 2003.

This text is one of a series of books published by John Ham and Robert Bucenec on the railroads of the Catskill Mountains. It contains many photographs of the ol' Ulster and Delaware but its main focus is on the years after the New York Central takeover in 1932 when the line became known as the Catskill Mountain Branch and takes you all the way to the last day of operations in 1976 as well as to present day operations with the Delaware and Ulster Railroad, the Catskill Mountain Railroad, and the Trolley Museum of New York. Another must have!

Light Rails and Short Ties Through the Notch: The Stony Clove & Catskill Mountain Railroad and Her Steam Legacy by John M. Ham and Robert K. Bucenec. Published 2002.

This book is jammed pack with information and photographs of the Stony Clove and Kaaterskill Branch of the Ulster & Delaware Railroad. It covers the branch lines from its early days as the narrow gauge Stony Clove and Catskill Mountain Railroad and Kaaterskill Railroad to its closure in 1940 by the New York Central. The authors took special care in the writing of this text. A great book to have!

The Grand Old Stations and Steam Locomotives of the Ulster & Delaware by John M. Ham and Robert K. Bucenec. Published 2005.

For those unfamiliar with the line of the Ulster & Delaware Railroad this is a good book to have, serving as sort of a guide. It presents all of the stations and stops of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad in photographs. This book also has a chapter with many great photographs of the Ulster and Delaware's steam locomotives although it is not a complete roster. A great book!

Narrow Gauge Railroads to the Catskill High Peaks by John M. Ham. Published 2009.

Although not strictly tied to the Ulster and Delaware, this book chronicles through photographs the narrow gauge railroads which traversed Greene County in the Catskill Mountains which include the Ulster & Delaware subsidiaries the Stony Clove & Catskill Mountain Railroad and the Kaaterskill Railroad as well as system of railroads owned by the Beach family, the Catskill Mountain Railway, the Cairo Railroad, the Otis Elevating Railway, and the Catskill and Tannersville Railroad. Great book!

Mountain Railroads of New York State, Vol IV: Where Did the Tracks Go in the Catskills? by Michael Kudish. Published 2011.

I just recently acquired this book and it was well worth the money! This book covers all of the Railroads of the Catskills that are covered on this website and more. This book covers, in extreme detail, every inch of the railroads of the Catskills, telling where the sidings were, the bridges, the overpasses, the underpasses, the businesses served, the grades, the curves, everything. While not a photographic journal as are the other books, it contains all sorts of data on the railroads and the author references the photographs in Ham & Bucenec's books so they compliment one another very nicely. A definate purchase for any fan of the Catskill Mountain railroads!

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