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Catamount Killed

Ulster & Delaware Railroad
"The Only All Rail Route Through the Catskills"

Catamount Killed
Kingston Daily Freeman
February 20, 1904

From the Kingston Daily Freeman, February 20, 1904



Phoenicia, Feb. 20 (Special) - Last evening about 7 o'clock, a large catamount was killed in the Ulster & Delaware railroad yards at this place by James Winne, employed by the railroad company as a nightwatchman. This large cat has been seen on several occasions by different parties, among them Mr. Winne himself, whom the cat one night pursued through the yard, forcing him to climb to the top of a locomotive which was in the yard at the time. Thereupon the watchman vowed eternal vengeance and appeared the following night carrying a shotgun of huge bore, which he used to good purpose. The occurence has created a profound sensation in this locality and Mr. Winne is receiving congratulations of his friends.

The naimal was over five feet in length. Its skin has already attracted considerable attention and several fur buyers have been to look at it with a view to placing it in the hands of a taxidermist.


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