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1 - "Hunter"

Ulster & Delaware Railroad
"The Only All Rail Route Through the Catskills"

Stony Clove & Catskill Mountain #1
Ulster & Delaware Railroad #1

Type: 2-6-0 Mogul
Builder: Dickson Manufacturing Company
Construction #: 530
Year Built: 05/1886
Drivers: 36-1/2"
Cylinders: 15" x 18"
Weight: 56,000 lbs.
Notes: Renumbered U&D #1 (narrow gauge) in 1893. Sold to F.M.
Hicks 09/1899, resold to Chateaugay R.R. #2 (2nd).


Former SC&CM #1 "Hunter," renumbered as U&D narrow gauge #1, is seen here at Phoenicia in 1899. Seen here is Frank Conerty, long time engineer on the Stony Clove Branch. Conerty's favorite locomotive was the "Hunter" but the locomotive would not be around much longer.

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