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7 - "Frank J. Hecker"

Ulster & Delaware Railroad
"The Only All Rail Route Through the Catskills"

"Frank J. Hecker"
Rondout & Oswego Railroad #7
New York, Kingston, & Syracuse Railroad #7
Ulster & Delaware Railroad #7
Ulster & Delaware Railroad #9

Type: 2-6-0T
Builder: Danforth Locomotive & Machine Company
Construction#: 756
Year Built: 09/1871
Drivers: 48"
Cylinders: 17" x 22"

Notes: Had no tender. A ton of coal was carried in the cab and water carried in the side tanks under the running boards. It was most likely used in Rondout, switching the yards there. Built for Rondout and Oswego Railroad, became New York, Kingston, and Syracuse Railroad #7 in 1872, then Ulster and Delaware #7 in 1875, and was renumbered to Ulster and Delaware #9 in September, 1882. Sold to New York Construction Co. in August of 1893 for use on the South Jersey Railroad. (Source: Best book)

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