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Ulster & Delaware Railroad
"The Only All Rail Route Through the Catskills"

Ulster & Delaware Railroad #20

Type: 4-4-0 American
Builder: Schenectady Locomotive Works
Construction #: 4409
Year Built: 01/1896
Drivers: 62"
Cylinders: 14" x 22"
Weight: 80,900 lbs.
Notes: Inspection engine. Scrapped after NYC takeover 9/22/1932.
(Source: Best book)


U&D 20

Builder's Photo


U&D 20. Joseph Smith Collection.

The pride of the U&D, 20.

U&D 20 in Rondout with Inspection Car #103. Collection of P.M. Goldstein.

U&D 20 on the dead line in Kingston in 1932.
Collection of P.M. Goldstein.


From the Ulster & Delaware . . . Railroad Through the Catskills by Gerald M. Best, p. 193

"The pride and joy of the Ulster & Delaware was locomotive No. 20, the inspection engine. Built by Schenectady in 1896, Edward Coykendall used this engine on countless trips over the line as superintendent and then president. The bell was on the rear of the tender and the boiler jacket was heavily insulated so that the officials could ride in relative comfort in seats on each side of the boiler ."


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