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Structures Along The Corn Belt Route

Structures Along The Corn Belt Route

 The following images are a few I found in a photo album that had been mis-placed for several years.

Dodge Center Bridge
This image is from a 1914 post card showing the Chicago Great Western Railroad bridge over what was to become Highway 14 in Dodge Center, MN.

Continental Grain, Redwing, Mn
The Continental Grain elevator is immediately behind the former CGW Depot in Redwing, Mn.  It would lead one to beleive that this company was served by the railroad when it was active.

Red Win Malting Co.

The Red Wing Malting Company plant was located south of the Red Wing pottery and west of the CGW track that extended to the depot.  I was there in the summer of 1993, and went back in the fall to take additional pictures, but it was gone by then.

Elevator at Randolf1Elevator at Randolf2  Two shots of the grain elevator in Randolf, Mn circa 1993.  The next time I passed that way it was gone.

  Hotel Randolf  Hotel Randolf, Randolf, Mn circa 1993.

  Hotel Stanton The former Hotel in Stanton, Mn circa 1993.

  Stanton PO  The former United States Post Office in Stanton, Mn circa 1993.

   WM&P Trestle  A small WM&P trestle about 1/2 mile east of Northfield, MN circa 1994.

   bike path   A former WM&P trestle (now a bike path) in Faribault, MN circa 1994.

  GTA Elevator  The GTA Feed Seed and Fertilizer elevator, Watertown, MN circa 1994.

   CGW Freighthouse, Mpls 1993 In 1993, I was suprised to see the CGW freighthouse in Minneapolis.

    St. Paul Lift Bridge  The CGW lift bridge over the Mississippi in 1993.

   US PO Taopi  The US Post Office in Taopi, MN in 1993.

   Yard Tower  The CGW Office Building and Yard Tower in Oelwein, Iowa in 1994.

   Yard tower   The CGW Yard Tower in Oelwein, Iowa in 1994.

   Oelwein Ice House   The CGW Ice House in Oelwein, Iowa in 1994.

   Ice House 2   Another view of the CGW Ice House in Oelwein, Iowa in 1994.

   sand tower  The CGW sand tower in Oelwein, Iowa in 1994.

   Bolton Elevator Fire 1971 The Bolton, Ill elevator is burned by the Shannon, Ill fire department.  In 1971
On the CGW Rail Route, this is/was in between Pearl City and South Freeport Stops.  You can see it on Google Earth (just do a search using Bolton, IL in the program) with the rail line's impression in the land still.  The stop is also listed in the 1952 CGW timetable I found online.  Bolton is a small enclave of homes (50-100 or so people)...The hamlet is named after my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Devilia Bolton.   Courtesy of Mark Hayden

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