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A section forman rides first class.
Tales of the rails

A section forman rides first class.

Jim L. Rueber

Hugh Gearhart was the Chicago Great Western RR Section Foreman at Bondurant, Iowa for many years. He lived in a small house there in Bondurant by himself, but about once a month he caught CGW passenger train No 5 early Saturday morning and went to Kansas City to visit his daughter and her family. He would then return to Bondurant on train No 6 on Sunday night and ready to go back to work on Monday morning.

He told me that one time when he got on No 5 at Bondurant he noticed CGW Business car 100 was coupled on the rear end of the train. When he got inside and Conductor Abe Laird saw him he said do you want to ride First Class? There's nobody riding in the 100 its just deadheading to Kansas City and there is a nice sofa in the rear compartment where you can lay down and take a nap on your way to Kansas City. Hugh said "Sounds good to me". So the conductor got out his key and let Hugh into the 100. There was No 5 hi-balling to Kansas City with the finest passenger car the Great Western owned on the rear end and nobody riding in it except the Bondurant Section Foreman sound asleep.


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