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The Village of Renova, Minnesota

The Village of Renova, Minnesota

Renova, never boasted a population over 35, but, had two elevators and shipped whole trainloads of grain. The station was closed before World War II and was torn down shortly after the war.

The store at the village of Renova, MN. was run for several decades by my great aunt Lotte. When Harold Tolstead and his wife lived in Renova, he was the agent at the station there, they lived in the upper floor of this store.

This building still exists, aproximately 3 miles east of Brownsdale, Minnesota on the county road to Dexter. The CGW went over the Milwaukee Road aproximately a mile south of Renova.

This is a postcard that is belived to have been made around the turn of the century in Renova, MN. It appears to illustrate, in addition to two horses, a grain elevator, and quite possibly the railroad station.
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