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milwaukee northern
Milwaukee Northern
       The Milwaukee Northern Railway (MN Rwy) was Milwaukee's third interurban company, independent of the CNS&M and
TMER&L.  The headquarters was in Cedarburg.  The Milwaukee station was on 5th Street between Wells and Kilbourn.
      In addition to the interurban, they also operated a streetcar line on their tracks through Milwaukee's north side, with a branch to
Lindwurm Park.  The streetcar carbarn was at 10th and Atkinson.  Their city streetcar exchanged transfers with the CNS&M but not with
       In 1922 the MN Rwy was acquired by TMER&L and integrated into the TM system.
Oct. 28, 1907 - Milwaukee Northern Railway (MN Rwy) begins interurban service between
Milwaukee and Cedarburg.
Nov. 2, 1907  - Service extended to Port Washington.
Nov. 19, 1907 - MN Rwy begins local streetcar service on its line in Milwaukee.
Sept. 12, 1908 - Service reaches Cedar Grove.
Sept. 22, 1908 - Service reaches terminal in  Sheboygan entering city on tracks of Sheboygan
Light, Power & Railway.
1912 - Line double-tracked from Milwaukee to Brown Deer.
1922 - Acquired by TMER&L and operated as a subsidiary.
Apr. 30, 1923 - Milwaukee MN station closes, and cars now use Public Service Building.  
Deluxe parlor car service begins.

1925 - Cars share new Sheboygan terminal with Wisconsin Power & Light.
April 30, 1928 - Officially merged into TMER&L system.
Dec. 6, 1931 - New route through Port Washington uses part of former C&NW spur,and
passes through Wisconsin Chair Factory building.
July 16, 1933 - Route in Milwaukee changed from 6th Street to 3rd Street.  End of freight

Oct. 31, 1938 - TMER&L becomes Wisconsin Electric Power Co. (WEPCO).  Transit
operations are taken over by a new subsidiary, The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Transport
Co. (TMER&T).
Sept. 23, 1940 - Line abandoned between Sheboygan and Port Washington.  Cars turn on
new loop at Port Washington.

Mar. 3, 1941 - New Port Washington station in service.
Sept. 27, 1945 - Line between Milwaukee and Port Washington sold to Kenosha Motor
Coach Lines (KMCL).

1947 - KMCL sold to Shore Line Transit Corp.
Mar. 28, 1948 - Line abandoned between Milwaukee and Port Washington.  A section of
track in Port Washington remained in electric freight service to bring supplies from an
interchange with C&NW to the power plant.  This operation lasted until the mid-1970's.
As built, Milwaukee Northern Rwy car No.1 was a fine example of a classic wood
interurban.  After TMER&L acquired  the line, they rebuilt the cars as shown at right  These
cars were then used on other lines, and the standard TM interurbans were used on the
Northern Line.
A Milwaukee bound TMER&L interurban pauses at the Cedarburg station.  This building
has been acquired and restored by the Ozaukee County Historical Society as their
A similar station in Cedar Grove is now a private residence.
One of the memorable aspects of a trip on
the Milwaukee Northern had to be a ride
across this viaduct in Grafton.
Below:  A southbound TMER&L
interurban passes the Grafton Station. This
storefront building also housed a soda
fountain and sundries.
TM shared the Sheboygan Terminal with Wisconsin Power & Light interurbans.  Building
still exists although altered.
The MN Milwaukee station was mid-block
on the west side of 5th Street between
Kilbourn and Wells. This photo shows the
station after tracks have been removed.
MN also operated a streetcar line. From downtown
streetcars traveled to Atkinson and Green Bay Rd.
Here it split, with one branch continuing on
Atkinson to 19th and the other north on Port
Washington Rd. to Lindwurm Park. They built a
transfer station at the corner, which remained into
the 1980's.
Photos of other communities served by MN/TMER&L can be found on our Wisconsin Trolleys Pages.