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       The Wisconsin Electric Railway Historical Society, Inc. (TWERHS) was incorporated in 1967 as a non-profit, educational,
historical society, dedicated to the preservation of electric railway history and promotion of present day electric transit systems.
  We were perhaps best known for our East Troy Trolley Museum, which we operated from 1972 until forced to close in 1984.  
Despite our museum closing, we remain a viable and active organization.
  All functions and activities are carried out by our members who volunteer their time and various talents.
Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting our goals and activities.

      Through the years we have acquired hundreds of slides, photos, maps and other documents related to various electric railway
systems.  These materials provide a source for research and enable us to assist others with books, magazine articles and TV shows.   
Some of these materials are also used in our public programs and our newsletter.

      Our newsletter, Wisconsin Electric Lines (LINES) is published six times per year.   It contains news, current events and historical
information of interest to our members and supporters.
  While the major focus is on Milwaukee area systems, other systems and topics are often covered.  Through the years we have
received many compliments for finding and publishing tidbits of interesting information often overlooked by larger publications.
  All members receive all issues for the current membership year.  In addition, new members receive copies of all back issues we
may still have on hand.
   In the interest of sharing information, we also exchange newsletters with other historical societies and rail museums.

      Our members are available to present programs to just about any group including historical organizations, railroad clubs, seniors
and scouts.  These programs usually feature slide, movies or videos of transit topics, ranging from historic films to current systems or

      This website is intended to present a general overview of electric transit in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.  There are many other sites
that provide in-depth histories and large photo collections. We have links to many of these sites on our "Links" page.
  Our "News And Events" page contains information and news to our members, supporters and visitors.  We encourage others to
submit news, events or other item of interest.
  Photos used on this site are from various sources.  Most are from our own collection.  However, many have passed through
several hands before being acquired and their origin is not always known.  We also solicit photos from visitors to this site to enhance
our pages.  When known, credit is given.  In the event we are using someones photos without proper credit, let us know and we will
give credit or remove it.
  When preparing this site, we made choices:
1. Find a free designer and free host.  2. No annoying pop-up ads. 3. Keep it simple.
  We thank Trainweb for hosting us, and hope that you patronize their sponsors when possible.

      We have a group hosted by Yahoo that anyone can join.  There is no charge to join this group.  This is the ideal place to ask
questions, offer comments and share information with the other members of the group.  Just go to Yahoo Groups "twerhsgroup".

      Our collection includes several 8mm and 16mm films.   In order to share these with the public, we have transferred some to video
tape.  Most of these videos
were done in-house and were available on a limited basis.  We are now in the process of transfering them
to DVD and may offer them for sale on-line or post some on
"YouTube" to share them with the public.
   Our commercially available video, "Riding The Number 10 Line" covers Milwaukee's Route 10 Wells Streetcar Line from
downtown to West Allis and Wauwatosa.  It was professionally produced
as a VHS tape with narration and sound added by
"Interurbans Films" and was
later marketed by Pentrex.  Unfortunately, Pentrex no longer offers the VHS version.  Copies might still
be found at hobby shops, railroad shows or second-hand markets.
We still have a number we have been selling at trains shows.  If
interested, send us an E-mail request.  Because Pentrex declined to produce a DVD version, we are in the process of doing that
ourselves. We hope to have it ready for sale at train shows and on-line in the near future.

   Limited copies of our first book, "Milwaukee Streetcar Notes" by Doug Krymkowski are still available.  Please see the "Events
and News" page for more details.

      From time to time we sponsor fan trips on various transit systems or to area museums.   These trips are open to members, and
others are welcome as space permits.
  Past trips have been made to ride the Chicago Transit Authority subways and elevated lines, to ride the South Shore Line from
Chicago to South Bend, to ride the Kenosha Electric Streetcar, to visit the Fox River Trolley Museum and the Illinois Railway
Museum.  We have also chartered trips on Milwaukee County Transit System buses to tour the city.
  Check the "Events and News" page for any up-coming trips.

      Through the years we have been involved with several special projects.  Check the Special Projects page for details.

      In addition to the fan trips, we also sponsor an Annual Dinner, Pizza Parties and other events for members, their families and
  Members may also purchase items offered from time to time at discounted rates through our concession department.  These
include items produced by us, as well as books, videos and other items we can purchase wholesale from other sources and pass the
saving to our members.

      TWERHS is a 501(c)3 corporation.  We do not receive any grants or outside funding.  Our income is through membership dues,
donations, and proceeds from sales
of books, videos and other items through our concession department.
   Donations of materials as well as financial contributions are greatly appreciated, and are tax deductible.

      Our membership year runs concurrent with the calendar year.  Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting our goals
and activities.
  All members are encouraged to attend and participate in our programs and activities whenever possible.
We have five classes of membership.

Non-Voting - Regular
      Membership is $20.00 per year.  Non-Voting members receive all benefits and have all rights of membership, except they may not
vote nor hold any elected office.  All new members must enter as Non-Voting.  Upgrade to Voting membership may be considered
after one full year as a Non-Voting member.

Non-Voting - Internet
      Membership is $10.00 per year.  Members in this class have all the rights and benefits of regular Non-Voting, except they will not
receive printed issues of the newsletter or notices in the US mail, but will receive PDF versions attached to EMails, which they can
read on their computer or other devices or print out themselves.
Membership is $25.00 per year.  Voting members receive all benefits
and have all rights of membership, and in addition, they have one vote
in any matter brought before the membership,  and they may hold
elective office.

This Non-Voting membership is generally granted to supporters who
have not joined, but support us through contributions of materials to
our Archives or provide photos and articles for our newsletter.

This Non-Voting membership is generally granted to members or
supporters that have made a substantial contribution of materials, or in
recognition of their many years of outstanding service to our
organization or to the transit industry.

How To Join
 We are not able to accept memberships on-line at present.
If you are interested in joining, right click on the application, print it out
and mail it in to us.
 Note: New members may join only as Non-Voting.  Present members
may renew as Non-Voting or Voting.
We would like to hear your questions, comments or suggestions.  You can drop us a note via one of these contacts.
Our Mailing Address Is - TWERHS - PO Box 1926 - Milwaukee, WI 53201
Our E-Mail Address Is -
Our Yahoo Group Is - "twerhsgroup"