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Milwaukee's New Streetcar
The intial route is a 2.1 mile line on city
streets from the Intermodal Station
through downtown and the lower east
side to Burns Commons at Ogden and
Tracks run in the center of some streets,
and in the right lane alongside parked
vehicles on others.
Extensions are proposed and are in
planning statges.

The initial construction cost was $128.1
million with $79.1 million from Federal
Garnts and $59 million being financed
by the city through TIF districts.
The Potawatomi Casino entered a 12
year, $10 million contract to subsidize
operating costs in exchange for naming
and advertising rights This also included
subsidizing the free rides for the first
As we entered the second year, rides
remain free sponsored by other

The cars run on 750vDC, from an
overhead wire, and are also capable of
running on batteries. There are some
sections without wire to accomodate
parades and other activities.
The first year fares were free,
underwritten by the Potawatomi Casino,
The second year fares are still free
underwritten by other businesses.
If in the future fares are charged, it will
be in the form of tickets issued by
trackside kiosks or area merchants. Most
likely random checks will be made.

Five cars were built by the Brookville
Equipment Company of Pennsylavania.
Each double-ended articulated car
weighs 83,000 lbs and is 67 feet long.
The cars are ADA compliant with low
boarding thrrough the center doors, and
can accomodate wheelchairs and  
bicycles. Boarding is done at raised
loading platforms at each stop.
They have a capacity of 120 to 150
passengers, sitting and standing. There
28 fixed seats, 14 on each end. Half the
riders sitting ride backwards whatever
direction the car is going, and when
busy, the majority of riders will be
Unlike streetcars of the past, the
operators sit in a locked compartment.

For schedules and other information
vistit their website.