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The Rebuild of FCAF's Garratt Locomotive No. 2
the "L. D. Porta"

updated February 23, 2004

photos, info and most text courtesy Shaun McMahon except as noted

As readers will appreciate, being a Garratt locomotive (as opposed to a conventional locomotive) the complexity of the work in hand is far greater than it was for Camila, the FCAF's other steamer which was modernized in 1999. Dismantling and full inspection of the loco began on 26th February, 2001 (see photos below) and the rebuild was completed in late 2001. Photos of the work follow at the bottom of the page. A brief summary of items attended to during the overhaul and modifications is as follows:  

-Improved, streamlined live and exhaust steam circuits coupled with a high degree of insulation for the steam pipes
-Fitting of Lempor exhaust system, Kordina and DeLaval blower
-Improvements to combustion system
-Improved and extended mechanical lubrication inclusive of proportional feed
-Modified driving axle suspension
-Improved boiler insulation
-Improved cylinder insulation
-Improved cab layout to aid single manning conditions
-Raising of cab so as to allow the driver to stand up properly
-Raising of boiler 300 mm to allow better primary air flow to firepan, allow the later addition of a primary air heater, and to provide more room for the fitting of improved steam circuits
-Increased feedwater capacity
-Increased fuel capacity
-Flange lubrication
-Motion ovberhaul
-Valve gear overhaul
-Piston and valve ring replacement
-Wheelset replacement and provision of high adhesion wheel profile 
-Evaluation of work to be carried out at stage 2 full rebuild
-Improved sealing of smokebox door
-Replacement of blowdown valve
-Attending to security aspects of existing boiler
-Modification of existing brake gear
-Provision of handrails so as to aid safety aspect of climbing up on locomotive
-Fitting of test gear so as to evaluate performance of locomotive in traffic
-Replacement of existing reversing screw (deferred until later in 2002)   

Overhaul/modification of No. 2- February 2001

No. 2, with water and fuel tanks removed, stands outside the FCAF workshop awaiting dismantling.
No. 2's auxiliary water tanks, front water tank, and rear combined water/fuel tank are visible in front of FCAF No. 3 Camila.

No. 2's cab being removed via a little "gentle persuasion". Reverser mounting bracket had to be cut to allow the cab to be removed.
Removing No. 2's cab; water and fuel tanks seen on the right.
With first stage dismantling complete, No. 2 is pulled clear of the works. No. 2's regular driver (in high summer season), Chris Parrott, is just visible driving diesel Tierra del Fuego.
No. 2's smokebox showing original blastpipe, which was replaced by a Lempor Ejector during the rebuild. Compare this to the photo below showing the new Lempor exhaust system fabricated by Girdlestone Rail.
Camila shunts No. 2's boiler, mainframe, and power units in the works yard at Estacion Fin Del Mundo.

No. 2's freshly primered original boiler (no. 1) on the mainframe inside the shop at Ushuaia. The spare boiler (no. 2) was modified by Girdlestone Rail in South Africa (see below) and was used to replace this boiler during the overhaul.
No. 2's front power unit stripped for overhaul and modification inside the workshop at Ushuaia.

RFIRT No. 109

One of Porta's famous Mitsubishi-built 2-10-2's now lying derelict. Visible in this photo are the throttle handle and manual screw reverser which was to be fitted to No. 2 during its overhaul. This had to be delayed until later this year so that the engine could be placed back in service on schedule.

No. 2's water tanks undergoing modification at Ushuaia. Tanks were significantly enlarged and re-countoured.

Nora boiler- photo by Phil Girdlestone

Modified Boiler No. 2 for No. 2
in Girdlestone Rail's Shop in South Africa

Nora wheelsets- photo by Phil Girdlestone

Modified Driving Wheelsets for No. 2
Featuring Porta "High Adhesion" Profile
at Girdlestone Rail in South Africa

Nora Lempor exhaust- photo by Phil Girdlestone

New Lempor Exhaust System for No. 2

Lempor nozzle-photo by Phil Girdlestone

Lempor Exhaust Nozzles and Blower for No. 2

Oil burner- photo by Phil Girdlestone

New Oil Burner for No. 2

Oil is atomized and ejected by steam around the perimeter of the gap at the top of the assembly

No. 2 Rebuild Progress on the FCAF

Shaun McMahon reports from Ushuaia that good progress is being made on Garratt locomotive No. 2's overhaul and modernization. (photos courtesy of Shaun McMahon)

Camila & Nora's boiler

FCAF No. 3 Runs Around Its Train at Estacion Fin Del Mundo. In the background is the boiler and mainframe of No. 2 No. 2 mounted aboard one of the railway's flat bogie wagons. August 25, 2001.

No. 2's front power unit mounted on supports for easy access during rebuild

Photo of the power unit showing the cylinders prior to installation of jacketing

No. 2's front power unit mounted on supports, showing fabrication of cylinder jacket to allow extra-heavy insulation of all cylinder external surfaces in accordance with Porta's latest recommendations.

No. 2's front power unit, mounted on supports showing nearly-complete cylinder jacket on one cylinder

No. 2's "new" boiler shown in its new position (raised considerably compared to the original installation) with new Lempor exhaust system installed.
A closeup of No. 2's smokebox showing the details of the Lempor exhaust stack and steam exhaust piping below.
Another view of No. 2's main frames with the boiler installed, showing greatly increased cab height which allows "full scale" driver to work in comfort! Greatly increased height of Lempor exhaust stack is evident.
No. 2's handsome brass builder's plates on the cab side.
Backhead view of No. 2's new boiler with some cab accessories installed.
Back of No. 2's cab showing greatly increased height for improved operator comfort.
Bottom view of No. 2's firebox, showing new oil burner and "flared" air admission inlets to promote turbulence for better fuel/air mixing and improved combustion efficiency.
One of No. 2's two engine units showing partially insulated cylinders. Note "pocket" on front surface of cylinder to allow installation of extra heavy insulation.
No. 2's new rear water tank. Height and profile have been signicantly altered to provide greatly increased water capacity while maintaining good visibility. Center opening (painted black) is for installation of new fuel oil tank (shown below).
New fuel oil tank ready for installation in recess provided in rear water tank.
Side view of new rear water tank.
Rear view of new high capacity front water tank.
Side view of new front water tank showing "streamlined" profile, similar to No. 2's "big sisters" such as the South African Railways GMAM Garratts.

No. 2's rebuild was completed in December 2001, and the locomotive was renamed "L. D. Porta" before testing and tuning up was begun. Tuning up was completed in early 2002 and the locomotive was returned to regular service.



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