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Steam Locomotive Book Resources

Book Sources

Many books about steam locomotives are out of print, but the following sources are suggested for finding copies. (Note- I receive no money or other compensation from any of these sources.)

(New 18 June 2012)

Chegg mainly deals in college text books, but there are quite a few steam books available as well.  They rent as well as sell books.

The following links are for sites which allow you to search the inventories of numerous used book stores simultaneously: (Europe) is a free innovative service of finding the best price on a purchase of several books together. This service is more useful than the standard services which perform one book comparison at a time, and can save more money when buying several books together.

A new search is offered by directly using the form below:


or you can access their websites directly at: (new books) (used, rare and out-of-print books) - The major on-line auction site, they often have Locomotive Cyclopedias and other antique railroad books listed.

New Books

Camden Miniature Steam Services - Book store with an excellent selection of a wide variety of books on steam locomotives, engineering and other technical subjects. Write them for a free catalog.

Little River Press- Little River had been republishing a wide variety of old steam technical books, including Baldwin engineering standards, ICS course, etc. Apparently, they have run into difficulties and are no longer in business.

If you know of other books or good sources for out-of-print railway books, please e-mail me at:


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