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Turrella Tramway - Bigglestown




BIGGLESTOWN is the name of the station and reversing loop (along the side of the Garage) near the junction to the siding leading Loco Shed (in the back of the Garage) and mainline to Luddenham and the up branchline connection to Girlieville. The station platforms at Bigglestown are separated by the area inside the reversing loop contains loco servicing facilities including a passing loop, turntable and goods sidings. The Bigglestown Station main platform is located on the Turrella mainline which connects passengers a short distance to Turrella Terminus or to Luddenham and Coal Creek. The smaller Bigglestown South platform, and caters to passengers on the Girlieville Branch Loop.
(Nomenclature: Bigglestown, which shares its name with a fictional aviation hero, is also the nickname given to the CME’s son and webmaster of this site, “Biggles.”)


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