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A Traction Fan's Photo Miscellany

A Traction Fan's Photo Miscellany

An addendum to the Trolley Postcard Page

San Francisco & Bay Area

Muni, ex-MSR line car 0301 at Duboce Yard

John Kibre

Muni, Car No. 1 at the foot of Market

John Kibre

Muni, Car No. 1, builders plate

John Kibre

The Blackpool Boat Tram

Santa Clara VTA, Mountain View Station

These photos were taken by an unknown railfan sometime during the 40's or early 50's, and show a variety of Muni streetcars, several of them ex-MSR cars. The view with the roller coaster must be at Playland at the Beach, and the picture with the 5 car in the foreground is clearly on Market Street, but the other locations are uncertain. The J car in the last photo looks to me more like it is on Mission Street than anywhere where the J line actually runs--possibly the apparent political poster "Yes on #1" it is displaying has some clue to what's going on here.

Los Angeles

MTA Blue Line, Washington Station

The latest equipment on the MTA Green Line, Redondo Beach Station

Cafe/residence made from two LARy streetcars; Buellton, California


Sacramento's modern light rail system.

Sacramento Birney car and some of the volunteers at the Western Railway Museum, Rio Vista CA.


Modern and vintage trams

Interesting special work


Tram at Hackescher Markt, near Banhof Friedrichstraße

Trams at Vinetastraße

Non-Electric Railfanning

Yes, I like trains too... here's some examples.

Roaring Camp's Heisler geared locomotive "Tuolumne".

A Fairmount speeder from the California Western (a.k.a. Skunk Train), currently privately owned, photographed at a speeder rally in Petaluma CA.

SW-something switcher on the Northwestern Pacific, also snapped at Petaluma CA.

Narrow gauge baldwin which ran on the Kiso Forest Ry., Japan, now at the Cal State RR Museum.

Miles Depot, built from a Pacific Coast Ry narrow gauge boxcar, Avila Valley Railway Museum, near San Luis Obispo, CA.

Non-Rail Transit

And just to prove I'm not totally trolley-obsessed--here's a picture of a bus!

This one is a Fageol, which has been nicely restored by a Menlo Park, CA, historical group, photographed in a 4th of July parade.

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