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Trolley Postcards: The South

Trolley Postcards: The South

Canal St., New Orleans. In this view the Mississippi is behind us and the French Quarter is to the right. The leftmost of the four Canal St. tracks and the track going around the corner in the lower left are part of the loop at this end of Carrollton St. line, which was until recently New Orlean's only surviving streetcar route. In the last few years tracks have been relaid on Canal St. to the river, where they connect with the new riverfront line.

Bill Volkmer Collection

Another Canal St. view, a few decades later.

Commerce St., Dallas.

The Piedmont and Northern was a railway (actually consisting of two physically unconnected lines in North and South Carolina) falling somewhere between an interurban and an electrified mainline railroad, as exemplified by the interurban-style passenger equipment and heavy electric locomotive seen in this promotional card.

The bottom half of the card illustrates a point of interest along the line, the home of John Calhoun.

The "Famous Five Points", Atlanta.

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