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Trolley Postcards: Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

Two trolleys in front of the Beach Hill Hotel. This view is from the beach at what is now the west end of the boardwalk, which was then called the Casino, and can be seen in the card below.

The point of view of the first card is basically from the point at the left edge of the building.

Here's another view of the same area from a point a few miles up the coast.

Robert Townley Collection

On the east side of Santa Cruz streetcars meandered through an area called Seabright, crossing the SP tracks on the street of that name, where there was a small station.

The line ran as far as Capitola, as seen in this view along Capitola beach. This trolley is lettered S.C.C. & W. for Santa Cruz Capitola and Watsonville, although the line never did actually reach Watsonville. In its later years the system operated under the name of Union Traction of Santa Cruz.

By the bench at the right edge of the card, there is a pencilled x. The back of the card has the following message:

Miss Withers:

Pardon my nerve, but I wish to meet you this evening where I have marked this card on the board walk near a candy store at about 8 o.c. after which we will have a skate in the rink.


Postmarked July 25, 1912.

One Santa Cruz streetcar has survived and been restored, and today is part of the collection of the California Trolley and Railroad Corporation, at the San Jose Historical Museum.

Santa Cruz county is currently examining options for construction of a transit system. Advocates of a modern light rail line have formed an internet discussion group. A prototype for a solar-powered, ultra-light rail vehicle is also in the works.

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