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Trolley Postcards: Reno, NV

Trolley Postcards: Reno, NV

Nevada's only trolley lines were city streetcars in Reno and an interurban line connecting Reno with nearby Sparks and a resort at Moana Hot Springs.

Here a city car crosses the Truckee River, with the Courthouse and Riverside Hotel in the background.

Here is a view of an interurban car on the same bridge:

From the same folder, here's a downtown scene on Virginia Street, taken from the "Grand Theater":

Another downtown scene on Center St., with the Hotel Golden in the background:

It's unfortunate that these views only feature streetcars in the distance, but for what its worth here's some higher resolution excerpts. One thing is clear at least: for a small system Reno had a lot of variety in its streetcars!



To round out this page, here are some additional cards from the same folder as the two sepia-toned views above, showing the depots of the Southern Pacific and the narrow gauge Nevada California Oregon railways, respectively:

Note the double header, doubtless in preparation for the assault on Donner Pass.

Too bad they didn't throw in one of the V&T!

Recently a group has formed with the intent of building a transit system in Reno involving vintage streetcars and/or a monorail line, who have an online discussion group.

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