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Trolley Postcards: City of Los Angeles

Trolley Postcards: City of Los Angeles

A classic view of Los Angeles city hall with a L.A. Railways "yellow car" PCC streetcar in the foreground.

City Hall is also visible in the background in view below of the top station of Angels Flight,

as it still is from the site of the restored (though currently, but hopefully only temporarily, shut down), funicular; it's probably the only thing in the background of this picture that is still there.

Here is an earlier view of Angels Flight and an observation tower that once stood at the upper end of it.

The "guaranteed fireproof" Hotel Baltimore, at 5th and Main.

Bill Volkmer Collection

Hotel Rosslyn, Los Angeles, with two LARy streetcars.

An early view of an LA city car, in front of the Post Office/Federal building-- whose price (assumedly large for the time) of a million and a half is noted. This is a nice view of a typical early day California-type car on the "yellow car" system, seen close up below:

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