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Trolley Postcards: Los Angeles and Vicinity

Trolley Postcards: Los Angeles and Vicinity

Robert Townley Collection

The incline, the famous Circular Bridge, and on up to the Alpine Tavern at the peak of Mt. Lowe on PE's Alpine Division.

A "popular corner" in Redondo Beach, with a side view of a wood PE interurban, probably a "10". Below is a zoomed-in view of this car, and some adjacent automobiles.

The next card shows a pier at Redondo Beach. A period map shows several wharves served by railroads at Redondo; note that this one has overhead wires, so it must have had PE tracks on it.

Here are two views of PE cars in Long Beach. The city is best known these days as busy port, but it was clearly known for its actual beach in the day.

Here is Long Beach's Lincoln Park.

Maybe that car is a Birney? These linen cards don't blow up that well, but for what it's worth, here's a closeup.

The Pacific Electric has been making a bit of a resurgence lately. The Long Beach line has been largely resurrected as the MTA blue line, and replica PE cars will soon be running on the Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car line in San Pedro.

Preserved PE and LARy equipment can be found at the Orange Empire Railway Museum, as well as Travel Town.

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