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    Station of Animation Freeware
    By: Webmaster of "SofA"
    winamp151.exe WinAmp For playing MP3 Files!!!! GRAB THIS!
    thumbsplus View and Crop Pictures
    Movie Gear Turn Pictures into Animations
    ws_ftple.exe Program Used for Uploading files To Your Webpage Provider
    World Trade Center New York City 9/11/2001 Pictures
    WIN/95 Y2K FiX WINDOWS 95 USERS ONLY! Java Making Program That Works With Your Browser
    Vp.exe Virtual Places Chat program with Avatars
    g-zillap.exe Animation of Bill Gates
    VeryBad.exe Very Bad Things
    alienz6p.exe Alien abuductees
    australa.exe Be careful of this when your through
    essai! :) Be EXTRA careful of this one..ESC when you've had enough
    Use these files to connect two computers with parallel cable
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