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Off to War at Steamtown National Historic Site - Page 1

Off To War

Recreating the World War II Era at Steamtown

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1998 Steve Barry

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This section was set up on October 8, 1998.

In 1997 and 1998 Steamtown National Historic Site has hosted a night photo session with a World War II theme during Memorial Day Weekend. Park ranger Kenny Ganz arranged for most of the equipment and "actors" for the photos. Scenes from these two sessions have been combined in this section.

In late afternoon light, troops inventory and load a Pennsylvania Railroad boxcar.


As dusk falls, a military mixed train is assembled in the yard.Baldwin 0-6-0 26 couples onto a boxcar as troops board the passenger coaches.


The well-guarded military supplies are just about loaded as the conductor of the military extra checks with the engineer on switcher 26.


The man in charge has just arrived -- the train can now leave.


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