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RailNews: Coast Starlight collides with tank car, derails


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Coast Starlight collides with tank car, derails

Amtrak's southbound Coast Starlight derailed near Black Butte, Calif., on December 7 when it collided with a tank car that had derailed minutes earlier on an adjacent track and was fouling the main line.

The Starlight's two P42 locomotives derailed and landed on their sides, while a baggage car, crew-dorm, and sleeping car derailed but remained upright. About 10 of the 153 passengers and crew aboard the 16-car train were hurt, none seriously, in the 1:40 a.m. incident.

The Seattle-L.A. passenger train, operating on Union Pacific trackage, collided with a tank car that derailed while regional railroad Central Oregon & Pacific was making switching moves at its UP junction.

As a result of the wreck, the northbound Starlight operated as far as Redding, Calif., where it was turned back, reloaded with the ill-fated train's passengers, and sent on toward L.A. as the southbound train. Northbound passengers were bused onward to Portland, Ore., and other stops.


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