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TPNet's Top-10 Locations (TBD)*
* Send your favorite location to:, include the location (if possible the GPS cord.), name, and your name.

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Railroad Bridge           Railroad Yard           Historical Association Railroads

Map Composed By: Nathan S. Chidester — Webmaster
Coding assistance provided by GMapEZ


Updates & Patches

28-SEP-2014, ver. 4.0
Updated Server information for the EZMaps system to appear correctly. Didn't realize that there was an error until last night.

10-AUG-2008, ver. 3.25
Added more features to the mapping system, including listing of the railroads are on the selected location. Also, I have added a directions tab on most locations to be able to get general directions to the different locations.

20-FEB-2008, ver. 3.0
Recreated the mapping system using updated programming interfaces provided by Google API. Though very simple right now, we are working on adding additional information including history, location pictures, track diagrams, etc.

19-DEC-2005, ver. 2.5
Redoing the entire system, including moving the controls to the left instead of the bottom. Also resized the entire project.

11-DEC-2005, ver. 2.1
Adding satellite images to each area.

06-DEC-2005, ver. 2.0
Recreation of the mapping system, including creation of more detailed maps.

17-MAY-2005, ver. 1.0
Original version of the mapping system.