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Main line overall length: 357 miles;
Northern Land Company Ltd.
branch total length: 37 miles;
Branch from Emeril (MP 225) and Schefferville (MP 357) solfd to Tshiuetin Rail Transport in 2005.
Number of sidings: 27;
Number of tunnels: 2;
Number of bridges: 9.

Protection systems:
11 hot box detectors;
31 dragging equipment detectors;
1 wheel impact and load detection system;
1 stiff truck detector;
1 track geometry car;
Ultrasonic rail testing;
Hot wheel detectors;
Automatic identification car system;
Proximity warning - anti-collision systems

Maximum altitude: 2,066 ft. at mile 149.

Train length:
Variable, from 150 to 265 cars (9,757 ft. max.),
hauling up to 24,000 tonnes of ore.

Speed: 35 mph (loaded), 40 mph (empty).

36 locomotives (DASH-9, DASH-8, SD40-2);
5 switching locomotives (GP38);
6 rail diesel cars;
1300 ore cars.

Transportation and Traffic
Maintenance of Way
Maintenance of Equipment
Quality Assurance and Services

Passenger/freight trains between Sept-Iles,
Labrador City/Wabush and Schefferville.
Hauled tonnage in 1996:
IOC ore: 14.5 million tonnes.
Wabush ore: 5.7 million tonnes.
Freight: 0.8 million tonnes.

Junctions with other railroads: 
Arnaud Ry: Arnaud Jct, PQ
Wabush Lake Ry:
Wabush Lake Jct, NF
Tshiuetin Rail Transport: Emeril Yard, NF

Radio frequencies: 

Line from Sept-Iles to Schefferville built between 1951 and 1954.