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CCT Locomotive #1790

Central California Traction
EMD GP18 #1790

EMD GP18, Ex Rock Island 1343.

CCT 1790 has just been recently rebuilt, and repainted...but the paint style is slightly different. Don Stabler Photo
The differences are no longer the backwards, broken frame stripe, and no barricade striping on the pilots, no Spark arrestors, and no cage on the horn.
1790 dries it's new paint after delivery from CRI&P via Chrome Crankshaft May, 1981.
CCT 1790 at rest in September of 1998. 1795 was out working giving 1790 a much deserved rest. Tom Carter photo
The large black box on the short hood is CCT specific, it covers the horns that for some reason the locals like to steal.

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