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The Track Switch

Not your everyday railfan site!

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    Welcome to THE TRACK SWITCH. This site was made for railfans by a railfan. I have taken a different approach to railfanning by taking different kinds of pictures in all kinds of different places around Quebec and Northern New England. The name 'Track Switch' was chosen because this is a 'switch' from most other kinds of railfan sites. I hope you enjoy this site, along with the pictures, animations, and 1/92 scale drawings located within it. There are quite a few pictures already posted here, but since I'm always updating these pages, check back for new pictures often. So get ready to pass over the Track Switch!! (This site was designed for use with Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher.)

There are two versions of this site; JAVA, and NON JAVA.
(The JAVA version has a bunch of little gadgets to play with)


Simon Gauthier : Webmaster
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So far....people have switched tracks here.