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Trackside Hot Spots Volume Four

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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 134
Trackside Hot Spots Volume Four

If you like Amtrak equipment, you'll love our featured Hot Spot. 18th Street is located between Amtrak's locomotive servicing facility to the north and the Chicago River to the south.

Then we check out Deval Junction, located just west of downtown Des Plaines, Illinois. This uniquely shaped junction features trains from the Union Pacific, Wisconsin Central, Metra, Canadian Pacific and Canadian National. Videotaped in November 1998.

Turner Junction, located just southwest of downtown West Chicago, Illinois is the oldest rail junction in the Chicagoland area. Once a meeting point for three major Chicago railroads, today the junction is down to only two. Today, a steady stream of freight trains belonging to the Union Pacific Railroad comprise most of the activity here, along with a liberal sprinkling of Metra commuter trains and an train operated by the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern.

Illinois Central's ex-Gulf, Mobile, & Ohio Chicago-Joliet mainline intersects the Indiana Harbor Belt's Chicagoland thoroughfare at Argo Crossing, located in Summit, Illinois. At Argo, you're likely to see trains from Amtrak, Metra, and many different freight railroads. Taped during the summer 1999

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Amtrak P40 Genesis units idle at the service facility just north of 18th Street. Shot in February of 1998, there was not a single F40PH to be seen.

After discharging its passengers at Union Station, this Amtrak train is now backing into the coach yard.

Metra, CSX and Canadian National trains use the Wisconsin Central's former Soo Line, which it purchased when the Soo made the former Milwaukee Road its main route into Chicago. This train is crossing the Union Pacific on a set of diamonds mounted on a bridge over a highway.

Canadian Pacific trains utilize trackage rights acquired by subsidiary Soo Line. This train is heading for Wisconsin.

Turner Junction, located just south of downtown West Chicago, Illinois, is our featured Hot Spot for this program. Here a eastbound Union Pacific freight rattles across the diamonds for the Elgin, Joliet, & Eastern railroad.

Just about any type of freight train can be seen on the Union Pacific line, along with the latest motive power. A pair of SD90-43MAC's is backing a coal train around a connector track to the EJ&E where it will eventually head south.

In 1999 it is was possible to find an ex-Santa Fe locomotive still in pure ATSF warbonnet colors.

A trio of BNSF SD40-2's lead a solid consist of auto rack cars northbound through Argo Yard.

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