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Speeders, Railcars, & Putt-Putts / An Afternoon At Savanna, Illinois

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Program 132
Speeders, Railcars, & Putt-Putts / An Afternoon At Savanna, Illinois

They were railroading's flanged-wheel equivalent to a Jeep and throughout the better part of the 20th Century they were the backbone of maintenance departments and section crews across North America. Today, they are sought out and restored by devoted individuals who then take them back out on the rails.

We're talking about speeder cars and for this program we'll be riding on a few of them for ourselves. But be forewarned, these little vehicles can get in your blood and be quite addicting.

Located 3 miles north of the town of Savanna, Illinois, the easily accessible overlooks of Mississippi Palisades State Park offer visitors a panoramic view of the broad Mississippi River valley. They can also provide a unique perspective for watching Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroading at its finest.

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