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On The Road With Soo Line 1003 / Camera Day At Rochelle, Illinois

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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 131
On The Road With Soo Line 1003 / Camera Day At Rochelle, Illinois

This little 2-8-2 was right at home. In Wisconsin, travelling down secondary lines still laid with 90-lbs. rail that hadn't seen a passenger train in years and a steam locomotive even longer. Trackage that used to belong to long gone railroads like the Milwaukee Road, the Chicago & Northwestern, and of course the Soo Line.

Soo Line 1003, a 1913 product of the American Locomotive Company. Retired in the 1950's like scores of other steam engines, it was spared the from the scrapyard and brought back to life in 1994.

For this program, we followed the 1003 on a series of excursions across southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. We also visited with co-owners Karin & Gary Ostrand and Burt Mall, as well as other members the locomotive's crew.

The second half of this program features an interview with Kevin Keefe of Trains Magazine during Camera Day at the railfan park in Rochelle, Illinois.

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Inside the firebox of Soo Line 1003.

Marching through Whitewater and under an old wooden pedestrian bridge.

Going away from the bridge.

Sometimes the best shots happen when you just anchor the camera down and let the tape roll.

This unusual site happened In Milton after the run-around move at Stoughton. The 1003 is serviced while standing nose-to-tail with restored Milwaukee Road observation car "Cedar Rapids".

The 2001 Chocolatefest in Burlington, Wisconsin saw the 1003 shuttling Algoma Central cars between Burlington and Duplainville. A Wisconsin Central GP40 on the back of this train led the way to Duplainville before the 1003 brought it back.

Hartford, Wisconsin, the 1003 current home base. Here the engine has a full head of steam up for the Circus Train deadhead move to Horicon.

Thanks to Strong Investments, the 1003 represents the first steam locomotive to lead the Circus Train in 17 years.

Host Dave Reed rides the Circus Train.

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