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"The Greatest Show On Rails" The Great Circus Train

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All pictures displayed are video captures from actual program footage unless noted.

Program 127
"The Greatest Show On Rails" The Great Circus Train

A year round effort and the main outreach event for the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin, the Great Circus Train is an event that takes the entire year to plan. Thanks to Strong Investments of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, and others over the years, the Great Circus Train travels through southern and eastern Wisconsin featuring clowns, musicians, elephants and a chance to walk along the railcars and witness first-hand all the beautiful antique circus wagons.

The 2000 Circus Train is actually a three-day,380 mile journey. We will be traveling through southern and eastern Wisconsin, making 10 stops along the way, with the opportunity to showcase the train. Instrumental to the whole process is the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad. It operates the train over the former Chicago Northwestern trackage through Baraboo.

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In 2000, the Wisconsin & Southern's sleek E9 diesels were ready to lead the train out of Baraboo.

The last of a vanishing breed. The Circus Train's route between Baraboo and Madison in 2000 featured two crossing guarded by wig-wag signals. This one is located in Baraboo.

Adding to the Circus Train's tonnage were these two passengers.

A myriad of boats line up to watch the train as it stretches out across Lake Wisconsin.

Trailing behind is Circus World's ex-Chicago Northwestern caboose. Crews on the caboose keep an especially sharp eye on the flatcars' brass-lined friction bearings.

Here's another wig-wag signal. This one is at Dane, Wisconsin.

As the train draws near to the Wisconsin state capitol of Madison, it crossed this scenic creek.

Look closely and see if you can spot the two fishermen on the left bridge pier.

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